Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Snack Size! - Is there a wrong way to cut a bagel? And is Gen-X interested in nostalgia?

April 4th, 2019 · 15 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

A guy in St. Louis brought bagels to his co-workers, and Twitter lost their mind. Why? Because the bagels were cut vertically, not horizontally.

Tony Katz hosts the snack size edition of Eat! Drink! Smoke!, along with April D. Gregory and Fingers Malloy. They review the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof bourbon and the La Palina Red Label cigar.

Tony says cut your bagel any way you like. April and Fingers somewhat agree. And doesn't everyone go to Wendy's for a Frosty and fries? April says not anymore, since the fries at Wendy's have changed. What foods connect you to your childhood? Tony, April and Fingers walk us down their memory lane, and show how they all connect.

Fingers wants to know if there is interest in a Gen-X nostalgia podcast.

Eat! Drink! Smoke! is recorded live at Blend Bar Cigar in Indianapolis, IN. The podcast is sponsored by Fanimation.