Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 121 - A Review of the Medulla Oblongata cigar and the Old Elk Wheated Bourbon. Everyone Had Fish Sandwiches, is Covid Over and a Taste Test of Coke with Coffee

February 22nd, 2021 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

Wheated bourbon continues to grow in popularity (thanks, Pappy!) Luckily, the people at Old Elk - via MPG - have put together something in your budget, and hopefully in your liquor cabinet.

Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy host Eat! Drink! Smoke! Along with the Old Elk Wheated Bourbon (which took Tony by storm!) they review the Asylum Medulla Oblongata cigar.

The fast food fish sandwich has expanded from McDonalds to, well, everyone. Clearly, helping Americans through Lent is big business.

Fingers has the News of the Week, including data that JP Morgan says is the coming end of Covid. They waited hours to get food from a Houston Burger King, air travel has dropped 60%, And what's the worst fast food restaurant in America? The "expert" says...?

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