Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 107 - A Review of JW Kelly Bourbon and the God of Fire 2017 Anniversario cigar, Parenting Kids on Body Issues and Would You Make A Steak In A 2-Slice Toaster?

November 14th, 2020 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

What's the point of putting plant based meat on your pizza? If you want sausage pizza, just order it that way. Right? Right??

Tony Katz hosts Eat! Drink! Smoke! It's a review of the JW Kelly Single Barrel bourbon and the God of Fire 2017 Anniversario cigar. More and more plant-based meat is coming towards America. But is America in it for the long term?

Fingers Malloy has the News of the Week. A Tik Tok video shows someone trying to make steak in a 2-slice bread toaster. Nevermind the fire hazard...can you make an edible steak that way? They also discuss how to be a parent when talking body issues with your kids.

Guinness goes kitsch, and Kroger has the bourbon auction you want to be a part of.

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