Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 47 - The 'Do Something' Crowd Wants To Make A Move On Guns, Do They Even Know What They Want? And Monica Lewinsky Manages To Go Lower On Bill Clinton

August 10th, 2019 · 1 hr 8 mins

About this Episode

If we listen to the media, America seems to want changes to gun laws in America. But does the 'Do Something' crowd really know what it wants?

On the Eat! Drink! Smoke! Podcast, presented by Fanimation, Tony Katz and Fingers Malloy dig much deeper into media reaction, America's reaction and possible next steps. They also review New Riff Rye (they've have previously reviewed the New Riff bourbon) and the La Imperiosa cigar from Crowned Heads.

Is there a place for Red Flag laws, and is so bad to have a conversation about them? Also, Tony challenges the notion of 'Do Something,' and explains what he is already doing.

Monica Lewinsky is producing the latest American Crime Story, which will dig in on the events leading up to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. Fingers can't wait to see it, Tony won't see it at all.

Eat! Drink! Smoke! is recorded live at Blend Bar Cigar in Indianapolis, IN.