Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 25 - No One Watches Bill Maher, The Future of Cigars in America and Did Trump Win or Lose in Vietnam?

March 4th, 2019 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

The show is on the road this week, and records at Shelly's Backroom in Washington DC. The menu includes roasted wings and Tex-Mex egg rolls, two types of bourbon - including Buffalo Trace and an in-house Knob Creek - and the remarkable My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigar.

HBO host Bill Maher goes after the Midwest, proving that he's never been there. But does it matter? As Tony Katz said, "Who watches HBO for Bill Maher? You watch HBO for Game of Thrones. BIll Maher is the like the annoying little brother your mom makes you bring to the party."

President Trump leaves Vietnam without a deal with North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un. Did he lose by not getting a deal, or is walking out an even bigger win? And the owner of Shelly's Backroom talks about the legendary DC location, and the future of cigars under FDA assault.

Eat! Drink! Smoke! was recorded live at Shelly's Backroom in Washington, D.C. Tony is joined by April D. Gregory and Fingers Malloy.