Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 51 - Antonio Brown's Insane Exit From The Oakland Raiders and No Good Reason To Hate Chick-Fil-A

September 7th, 2019 · 1 hr 20 mins

About this Episode

Antonio Brown is a wide receiver in the NFL. He wanted out of Pittsburgh, and got his wish when he joined the Raiders. He has self-inflicted issues with his feet....and the Raiders waited. He didn't want to change his helmet as per NFL guidelines, and fought the league about it....and the Raiders waited. Brown then called the Raiders GM a "cracker"....and coach John Gruden says Brown will play on Monday night.

But a released private phone conversation between Brown and Gruden, and an Instagram post by Brown saying, "Release Me" made it clear - Brown wanted out....and the Raiders said goodbye. Brown responds by saying, "I'm Free!"

Tony Katz hosts Eat! Drink! Smoke! presented by and Backbone Bourbon. On this episode it's a review of Carl T. Huber Indiana Straight Whiskey and the Davidoff Master Collection 2010 toro cigar.

Did Brown orchestrate this entire thing? Including getting the chance to play for the New England Patriots? Tony thinks this story is going to have huge social and cultural impact - including lots of talk about race, loyalty and respect.

A Chick-Fil-A opened in Toronto, and people there held a die-in to protest the chicken sandwich restaurant. Why? Because they're anti-gay...or something.

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