Eat! Drink! Smoke! - Episode 60 - ABC's Witch Hunt Is A Big Deal and The Epstein Meme Has One Big Problem

November 11th, 2019 · 58 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

ABC News quashed a story about child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, and when video from an anchor got leaked complaining about it, they hunted down the producer who leaked the video and fired her. One problem: she didn't leak the video. Another problem: No news organizations are talking about Jeffrey Epstein.

Tony Katz hosts the Eat! Drink! Smoke! podcast, presented by Backbone Bourbon and Fanimation. Today, it's a review of the Grand Cru paring: The Glenfiddich Grand Cru scotch and the Davidoff Grand Cru Robusto. (Yes, we reviewed the Davidoff Grand Cru toro just an episode or two ago. But, Blend Bar Cigar - where we record - asked us to try the pairing. We were happy to oblige!)

Impeachment is here...and it's pretty clear that the hearings aren't going to bring America any closure. But that's not the plan. The plan on trying to oust President Trump has been in effect for three years. Not because we say so, but because they say so.

The CDC has found what they say is the culprit that has led to illness and death in some vaping cases, but the people desperate to ban vaping aren't paying attention to the science.

Eat! Drink! Smoke! is recorded live at Blend Bar Cigar in Indianapolis, IN.